It started with an idea...

Teach how to create active and passive income online.

I know what you’re thinking, what the heck does that have to do with a website platform? Well, being in web design for over a decade and building more websites than I could count, I wanted to create a place that others could use what they learned to make their own income online.

The website platform has grown into the place where individuals and businesses alike can get their websites up and running in minutes for a small monthly price. You no longer have to pay thousands of dollars on a designer or have to wait months for it to be completed.

Our Values

Every company needs a set of rules to live by. These are ours.


We don’t hide or mask our platform. We are open about everything we use and why we use it. Wants to know something? Just ask!

Teach Everything

On top of being open, we teach everything we do. Make sure to check out our Facebook group to jump in on the training.

No Holding Back

Unlike other platforms, you can take your site with you if you decide to leave. No buyout, no limitations, your site is yours.


Serving means giving without expecting anything in return. We’re here to serve you and help you shape your reality.

Our Mission

There’s more to life than just working for a living. At An Imagined Reality, we have a goal to lift up 1,000 families and teach them how to create an extra thousand dollars per month in their lives. Help us to bring down debt, raise up families, and change the way we think about making money.